Reasons why walking is a better alternative to driving

We all love the comfort that comes with driving and the numerous benefits it has. One of such benefits is getting to your destination faster than you would if you walked. However, have you considered that walking comes with some benefits you could never have thought of?

Below are some reasons why walking is a better alternative to driving:

Health improvement

Do you know that walking helps to improve your health? When you walk regularly, it is a form of exercise that helps to tackle stress, reduce calories and step-down the chances of heart disease.

If you don’t have time to exercise regularly, you can walk for some miles instead and still achieve the same results.

Appreciate road users and learn individual road responsibility

There are some things you will notice while walking, that you won’t see when you are driving. You will learn various things and understand better why people do certain things on the road. This is why walking helps you appreciate other drivers and road users.

Saves money

Walking instead of driving saves gas money that would be used to settle other expenses. Having walked to your destination, you can refresh yourself with fruits and water for energy. The money you spend on this would not be up to your gas costs.

Keeps your car in shape

When you use your car regularly, you would spend on maintenance and other costs. However, walking reduces this possibility. When you choose to walk to your destination sometimes, you are allowing your car rest.

Access to unlimited fresh air

When you are walking, you are spending time in nature which is good for you. This grants you access to unlimited fresh air that you might not get if you are driving.

You need to know that you don’t have to walk every day. However, it is best to drive on some days and walk on others. It is a profound way to reap the benefits of both walking and driving.