Imagining a World Without Vehicle Overdependence

dependent on vehicleVehicle over-dependence is a negative and prevalent thing. Everywhere we look, in every corner of the planet, automobiles are on the rise, polluting the air and cluttering the streets. Since the invention of motorized vehicles, people have been enamored with them and the American Dream remains that every person should have their own. The burgeoning, progressive way of thinking is the acknowledgment that gas powered vehicles were never a sustainable technology and need to be rethought for the good of the planet and those who call it home. If we work together, we can create a world where people are not overly dependent on their vehicles and enjoy clean air, reduced noise, less oil drilling and healthy, natural living.

One immediate benefit of reducing the presence of automobiles would be cleaner air. This agenda item is a priority in every leading country’s legislation goals because of how harmful fossil fuel emissions are to the health of the environment. Industrial pollution and other major contributors are also responsible for the toxic emissions, but vehicle emissions are one of the major contributors to this problem, if not the most. This problem makes vehicle reduction an absolute necessity.

Another major benefit to getting cars off the streets would be reduced noise and congestion. Vehicle noise and congestion are one of the biggest problems that cars create. They are a loud, space consuming technology that nature never intended to support billions of. In large cities or cities with aging infrastructure especially, high volumes of cars make for an unreliable, disastrous commute anywhere. It must be stopped.

Reduced oil drilling would also be a benefit of cutting back on the number of cars there are in the world. It is well agreed upon that oil drilling is a toxic, unsustainable practice. There is far too much that can and does go wrong in oil drilling, and when it does, nature and animals always pay the price. The amount of oil that has poisoned the earth in major oil spills is unacceptable, and will lead to the extinction of animal and plant life if not stopped.

And lastly, as if there were not already enough good reasons to reduce the use of automobiles, the benefits to people’s health if they needed to rely on their bodies to get places would be astronomical. If people used their legs to commute instead of the fossil fuel energy in vehicles, we would living as nature intended once again.